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Digital Maturity Index for Healthcare

The Digital Maturity Index for Healthcare, the official term in English Digital Maturity Index for Healthcare (DMI-H) was developed by Folks as a quick, simplified and free self-assessment tool, with the objective of indicating the level of digital maturity of a company. health institution.

The objective is to understand the phases of digital transformation in each health institution. The DMI-H can be used by any type of health institution, whether it is a health service provider, health plan operator or health secretariat.


With DMI-H it is possible to monitor the digital transformation in large communities, as the method is simple, intuitive, free and can be performed periodically.


Thus, it is possible to assess whether the policies and investments of institutions, hospital groups, health plan operators or governments are being effective, if there is really a progression towards a more digital Health.

Depending on your institution's digital evolution, you will be able to respond to the DMI-H whenever you want, following and documenting the digital transformation.

For the definition of the DMI-H, questions are carried out in five large dimensions



The institution does not have a digital strategy. The leaders and the team are not prepared for the transformation. As a result, most services and applications are not digital.


The institution has already started its digital journey, counting on some digital solutions for the most basic services. Leaders already understand that digital transformation is essential.


The institution is already reaping the fruits of the digital transformation, with a clear strategy and the engagement of the institution's employees. Most services and applications are already digital.


The institution has reached advanced levels in digital services, with a strategy for creating new technology-based businesses and evaluating the impact on continuous improvement cycles.

Take the next step in your Digital Journey

The DMI-H is the first layer of assessment in your digital maturity level. Talk to a consultant and make a more detailed assessment of your maturity level.

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