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KLAS Satisfaction Survey

KLAS is an international institution that provides reports and research on software and services provided in the health area, promoting an impartial and analytical perspective.  


FOLKS is the KLAS representative for Latin America. 

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The Collaborative Arc

Assess the satisfaction of users of your electronic medical record

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The Collaborative Arc is an initiative developed by KLAS. Through standardized surveys and comparisons, medical organizations collaborate to discover best practices and move the needle in healthcare IT.


Currently, the Collaborative Arc is using metrics to improve the EHR experience through training, governance and culture. Collaborative Arc has helped more than 200 organizations learn from the feedback of their clinical EHR users.

Insights from more than 100,000 clinical respondents are helping organizations find real solutions to a difficult challenge – physician and clinician frustration with EHR.

The Arch Collaborative Learning Center gathers all data based on verified best practices.

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Discover the satisfaction of users of your electronic medical record

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