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About Us


Our mission is to accelerate

digital transformation in healthcare.  

With knowledge , method and technology .


FOLKS is made up of people from different backgrounds,

different professional experiences and personalities, but all specialized and enchanted by Digital Health.

We want to be the first and foremost choice for digital transformation in healthcare.


Our story

FOLKS was founded in 2012 by Dr. Claudio Giulliano, with the mission to guide the digital transformation in hospitals and other healthcare institutions.  

Headquartered in São Paulo/SP, FOLKS serves groups and hospitals of all sizes, clinics, healthcare insurers and IT companies throughout Brazil and also in other Latin American countries.

Premier partner of HIMSS and KLAS representative for Latin America, FOLKS has worked strongly to prepare institutions to reach high levels of digital maturity.

FOLKS is part of the portfolio of companies invested in by APUS Capital ( ).

Our consultants are available to help and answer questions

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