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HIMSS Certification

Digital transformation is just the beginning

HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) is the largest non-profit Digital Health organization in the world. It powers the industry with knowledge, networking and insights to improve health through the use of information and technology.

When it comes to healthcare organizations, HIMSS offers a roadmap and guidance through different maturity models, each with 8 evolutionary stages. These models also allow mapping and comparing the digital maturity of healthcare institutions worldwide.

FOLKS is HIMSS's Digital Health Premier Partner for Latin America , offering consulting services to obtain HIMSS certifications, in addition to promoting training and education in the area.


HIMSS Maturity Models

There are several models, each suitable for measuring the stage of your institution. 

The HIMSS maturity and certification models bring international visibility and credibility to the Hospital, being used in more than 43 countries by almost 3,000 institutions.


Achieving a HIMSS certificate is an important milestone in marking an institution of excellence. But it goes far beyond that.

A digital hospital can significantly increase the level of service, improving clinical outcome, increasing patient safety, reducing costs and much more.

Institutions with a high level of maturity in the models
usually have:

Greater patient safety and better clinical outcome

Operational cost reduction

Increased patient and care team satisfaction

Greater analytical power through the use of data

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