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Digital Journey

Step on the digital transformation accelerator

iIn the digital world

It is necessary that health institutions are not only following the digital transformation process, but also leading it.

New technologies, methods and systems are emerging, it has never been more important to understand, apply and master them.

For this, the FOLKS team of specialists will guide your institution, drawing together your digital strategy. According to your moment and your demand, we will allocate the most appropriate professionals. 

 How FOLKS can help you 

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Specialists on demand

CMIOs, PMOs, CIOs on Demand. We allocate a dedicated specialist to work within your institution. Whether for project management or to work side by side with your team.

Process review

Review of your institution's processes to implement best practices. We use international methodologies for mapping and adapting processes.

Support in the implementation of EMRs

We offer support in implementing your new system or version of EMR. We guarantee that it is implemented in the best way for its users, following the best digital practices and using the contracted system as much as possible.

Software Selection

We analyze the best ERPs, EMRs and solutions on the market and analyze which ones are the best fit for you.

Make you digital transformation happen

Did not find what you wanted? Talk to us to better explain your demands.

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